Sunday, July 17, 2005

Who is Dr Riot?

THESE are the facts as we know them:
* Dr Riot is Australia's leading professional wrestling expert.
* A graduate of the Matt Brock School of Journalism, Dr Riot constantly travels the world to report on the greatest sport known to man.
* His rasslin' video and DVD library is quite extensive.
* He is known to all the men and women who enter the squared circle but is friend to none: Dr Riot understands all too well that a journalist must remain impartial and objective at all times.
* Hypocritically, Dr Riot's relationship with Missy Hyatt is a taboo subject. Dr Riot says, "It's strictly personal and none of your damn business!"
* His interests? Wrestling, wrestling and more wrestling
* Favorite Movies? I Like To Hurt People and anything featuring Terry Funk as a crazy, middle-aged bastard
* Favorite Music? Anything sung by "Boogie Woogie Man" Jimmy Valiant
* Favorite Books? The stuff that DIDN'T go into Missy Hyatt's kiss'n'tell autobiography
* Dr Riot promises to write often and passionately about the grappling game.
* Just like his mentor Matt Brock, Dr Riot is not fond of technology. He uses the computer of his young cousin Dann Lennard to make posts and is linked to Dann's main site at
* Dr Riot also doesn't use e-mail. However, you can reach the good doctor by contacting him at