Sunday, April 09, 2006

REVIEW: Matwarz Presents Straight Talk With Mad Man Pondo (Recorded in Australia, February 26, 2006)

HEY guys. I'm not one to shill (well, maybe a little bit...), but I just watched "Matwarz Presents Straight Talk With Mad Man Pondo" and I gotta give my main man Martin Cox some major praise.

For anyone who saw the crazy US indy hard-core maniac when he toured Oz in February (or for anyone who didn't but wanna know more about this seriously entertaining bloke), then get your hands on this two-disc, three-hour-plus DVD.

First up, it comes in a high-quality package with a classy-looking slick. Very professional.

The interview itself is done in the typical format of the US-made "shoot" interviews, but interviewer Martin does break up the single-camera, talking head with footage from IWA Mid-South and "The Jerry Springer Show", plus stills of Pondo's battle with Aussie wrestlers.

Speaking of which, Mad Man is frank and honest in his discussions about working against the AWF's TNT and PWA's Krackerjak and Mad Dog.
He also explains why fans weren't permitted to see the "real" Pondo in action. Of course, this interview was taped on February 26, before his final match against Mad Dog, so who knows what crazy shit those two may have pulled off in their bout? :)

Anyhow, apart from that, Pondo goes into a lot of detail about his 17-year career, plus his involvement with the Insane Clown Posse, Jerry Springer, new horror film "2001 Maniacs" (starring Robert "Freddy Krueger" Englund) and his cult TV show "Skull Talk". He gives his uncensored thoughts on hard-core icons like Necro Butcher, JC Bailey, Toby Klein, Warpig and legends such as Vader, Billy Gunn and Raven. He also gives us the lowdown on his own promotion, IWA East Coast.

Extras on the DVD include footage of "Spider" Nate Webb diving onto Pondo at IWA-MS King Of The Death Matches 2002 (which Pondo talks about in the interview) plus an amazingly gory death match from January 2 of this year in Big Japan with Pondo facing Masada and Mad Dog (the referee is our very own Daniel Beaumont, the guy responsible for getting Pondo over here in the first place).

The Pondo DVD is a great "shoot" interview and, hopefully, Aussie fans will support it, so as to encourage Matwarz to put out more "Straight Talk" DVDs in the future.

If you're interested in a copy, send $30 to:
Martin Cox,
C/- Matwarz,
PO Box 8337,
Northlands Retail,
Melbourne, Vic, 3072

Or e-mail him at for further details.

OK. End of shill. :D

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

REVIEW: Australian Supershow IV: The Wild Weekend DVD

Australian Wrestling Supershow IV

WRESTLING fans should immediately pick up this excellent two-DVD set of last November’s Aussie Supershow: The Wild Weekend to see more than 40 of down-under’s toughest, roughest rasslers tearing each other’s heads off.
Held over two awesome nights in Newcastle and Penrith, NSW, the piledrivin’, suplexin’ athletes not only entertained capacity crowds, but also raised a ton of cash for charity.
The Newcastle card was highlighted by a brutal career vs career match pitting Melbourne’s hard-core legend Lobo against cocky Lee Starr (both pictured above).
Other stand-out bouts included the enigmatic face-painted Scarecrow taking on Stephen James, while big men Mark Mercedes and Steve Frost butted heads.
Penrith saw Lobo come out of retirement one last time to take on the burger-eating bully Mercedes, while vicious Sydney tag team Salem and Devlin de Skyes tried to combat the daredevil aerial tactics of The Blood Brothers.
Of course, both nights also featured dozens of wrestlers competing for glory in the crazy, weapons-filled mayhem of The Great Aussie Pub Brawl!
To get your copy of Australian Wrestling Supershow IV, send a cheque, money order or cash to AJ Sport Promotions, PO Box 6701, Baulkham Hills BC, NSW, 2153, and get set for more than four hours of high-impact entertainment!
Final word: Blood, sweat and beers – Aussie biffo at its best!

REVIEW: F.U.C.K. 2005 Tag Team Tourney

WOW! I don't think I've laughed so much during a wrestling tournament as I did during this cluster-fuck of matches from Japan last year.
My fave fucked-up hard-core bastards - Mad Man Pondo and Necro Butcher - look like they got paid in beer to turn up at some shitty hall in front of a dozen people and beat the shit out of six flabby backyard goofballs.
While this should be the makings of "worst-matches-ever" territory, it's saved by
1. Pondo and Necro's hilarious banter in the ring - which can be clearly heard as there aren't enough fans in attendance to make any crowd noise

Pondo (pointing to Necro): "He's drunk!"
Necro (shouts back): "Hey! Kay fabe! Kay fabe!"

Necro (to useless opponent in main event): "You gonna have to hit harder than that, you backyard sonuvabitch!"

Pondo (to Necro near the end of the main event): "What's the finish again?"

2. The dudes' willingness to take and, in particular, dish out punishment. Necro takes some bad bumps on concrete, especially in the final death match. But he and Pondo really beat the living shit out of their Jap opponents, AND
3. The sheer incompetence of the wrestlers from F.U.C.K., which is really a glorified backyard wrestling group. How bad? They make Pondo and Necro look like Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit by comparison.
There's a priceless moment during the second match where Necro throws his opponent into the ropes and bends down, "expecting" to receive a kick in the face on the rebound. Instead, his hapless opponent attempts the worst sunset flip ever and botches it. What's even funnier is that the video then cuts to a pre-match training tape where you can see Necro taking the young lad through their match and telling him EXACTLY what he wants to happen in the aforementioned sequence: whip into the ropes, rebound, kick him in the face. Does the dumb shit do it? No. We then cut back to the match and see the kid botch sequence again. Naturally, Necro proceeds to beat seven shades of shite out of him.

OK, onto the matches themselves:

ROUND ONE: Necro & Pondo vs Ultraman Robin & Osamu Suganuma: "I'm facing Ultraman," says Pondo at the start of this bout." "Watch out," replies Necro, "he's wiry." "That's all right," says Pondo. "I'm slow, but I'm strong." Necro's already bleeding from headbutting a chair repeatedly on the way to the ring. He spends most of the match doing huge chops and stiff headbutts and forearm blows to Osamu before putting him away with some horrible move on top of a steel chair. Looked painful.
SEMI-FINAL: Necro & Pondo vs Zenji Shanghai & Mammoth Handa: Necro loses his patience with both these guys and stiffs them repeatedly before finishing them off.
FINAL: Necro & Pondo vs Kenji Fukimoto & Great Ninja (100 Light Tubes Death Match): Ugly, brutal hard-core bout, made interesting by the fact that there are two cameras - one on Necro and one on Pondo and the match is edited so we get to see everything they're doing at either side of the ring. That means a 12-minute match winds up lasting for 24 minutes. This is Pondo's moment to shine as he takes to one poor dweeb with a large knife, which he repeatedly jabs into his arm and a staple gun. He then repeats the procedure on the dweeb's partner. Necro takes some hellish bumps, our heroes destroy a mess of light tubes, and Pondo ends the bout with his standard flip off the top rope through some tubes that are placed on two chairs on top of one poor cunt. Afterwards, Necro hits the ref with a light tube for good measure.
I doubt if any of the F.U.C.K. wrestlers are still in the biz after the fucking destruction that was brought upon them by Necro and Pondo.
FINAL WORD: Seek out this tape and enjoy the funniest 40 minutes of wrestling ever.