Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Why did you do it, Chris?

WHY did you murder your wife Nancy?

Why did you murder your seven-year-old son Daniel?

Why did you make it impossible for me to ever watch another one of your matches on DVD or video without the knowledge of what you did lurking in the back of my mind?

Why did you piss away your 20-year Hall-Of-Fame legacy in the pro wrestling industry?

Why, Benoit? Why?

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

It's a beautiful and terrible thing...

ON MARCH 14, 2004 - the day after my 37th birthday - I proudly wore my Chris Benoit T-shirt and wept like a child as "The Crippler" became RAW's world champion by defeating both Triple H and Shawn Michaels in the main event at Wrestlemania XX.
After hugging his wife Nancy and son Daniel in the crowd, Benoit went back into the ring, where he was joined by his good friend Eddie Guerrero - who, earlier in the show, had retained his Smackdown! world title.
It was a truly touching moment as these veterans - who had spent years fighting the stigma they were "too small" to be world champs - hugged and cried together having achieved the highest honours possible in the world of professional wrestling.
And now, three years later, they're both gone.

RIP Chris Benoit (1967-2007)

In the darkness this morning, I rummaged round in my wardrobe and pulled out a T-shirt at random to wear to work today. Turns out it was my one and only Chris Benoit tee.

Pulled it on, went to work, then got the word from Kirk that Benoit, Nancy and Daniel were gone.

I'm still numb.
NOTE: This is WWE's tribute video to The Rabid Wolverine:

There are times...

...when this fake old world of pro-wrestling becomes all too real.

When a piece of horribly bad news hits you in the gut so hard you feel sick inside.

When you just want to cry from the pain, but the tears can't come 'cos you've heard it too many times in this fucking business.


6/25/2007 6:21:00 PM
Benoit family found dead
The WWE just told its talent and released on its web site that Chris Benoit was found dead by Atlanta police.Benoit, wife Nancy aka Woman and son Daniel were all found dead. We have no other details at this moment. It is believed that Chris Benoit's two other children were in Canada.

RIP Chris, Nancy and Daniel.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

RIP: Sherri Martel (Feb. 8, 1958-June 15, 2007)

ANOTHER one gone too damn soon.
At this time of writing, "Sensational" Sherri Martel is dead at the age of 49, of unknown causes.

I first became aware of Sherri watching the old WWF shows on TV in the late 80s - she was the heel women's champ at the time, feuding with Rockin' Robin.
Perversely, at the same time, I could see her on older AWA shows (just before she jumped to the WWF) screening on SKY cable TV at my local pub. There, she was AWA women's champ and also the manager of Kevin Kelly.
Years later, I got to see Sherri on videotape in her AWA prime, managing tag team champs "Playboy" Buddy Rose and "Pretty Boy" Doug Sommers in their awesome feud with babyfaces The Midnight Rockers.

Around that time, I also tracked down the nude shots Sherri allegedly posed for back in her much younger days. Feel free to check old issues of Celebrity Sleuth for those saucy snaps and make up your own mind.

While she was okay as a wrestler in the WWF (which had yet to reduce women's wrestling to T&A during that time period), Sherri really came into her own in 1989 when she became the manager of...

..."Macho Man" Randy Savage! As "Sensational" Sherri (then "Scary" Sherri), Martel kicked arse at ringside (taking plenty of lumps from the so-called babyfaces in the process) and on the microphone as she and Savage feuded with Hulk Hogan, The Ultimate Warrior and Dusty Rhodes.
She really was an annoying, hard-working, bump-taking dynamo.

After her run with Savage ended, Sherri managed Ted Dibiase and her old Midnight Rockers nemesis "HBK" Shawn Michaels. Who could ever forget her grating vocals for the original version of his entrance theme, Sexy Boy?

After a stint in Smoky Mountain Wrestling and ECW, Sherri eventually headed to WCW in 1994 for the higher pay and lighter work schedule. She managed wrestlers such as Ric Flair and, more famously, multi-time tag team champs Harlem Heat. She even took on the nickname "Sister" Sherri.

I lost track of Sherri after her run with WCW ended in the mid-90s.
In recent years, she did some guest spots with WWE and even TNA.

She's gone now - and I still can't believe WWF/E has lost yet another worker at such a young age.
Rest in peace, trivial as this sounds, thanks for the memories.

RECOMMENDED: Online World of Wrestling

Wild Bull Curry

THE excellent web site formerly known as "Obsessed With Wrestling" has a new name and a new URL:

It's the place I always go when I want bios, other stats and great pics on any wrestler, old-school or new.

If Doc Riot says it's A-OK, then you KNOW it's A-OK.

The Yeti (aka Ron Reis aka Big Ron Studd)

Monday, June 11, 2007

BOOK REVIEW: Bruiser Brody

THERE are a lot of wrestling books on the market right now - too many, if you want my honest opinion. Some are great, some are good and some...make great doorstops.

Bruiser Brody by Emerson Murray (Crowbar Press) is very good. Almost great.
It's certainly a book that's hard to put down.

Murray's tome is not a biography - it's basically a series of recollections about the original wrestling outlaw from Brody's friends, enemies, fellow wrestlers, bookers, promotion owners and a range of other folk involved in the wrestling business.

What is truly fascinating is Murray's decision not to edit any of the comments, even when they seemingly contradict each other.

"I have decided to let the people who were there tell their stories of Bruiser Brody as they remember them," he writes near the start of the book. "There are contradictions, exaggerations and, more than likely, downright lies. Like the blind men who variously described the elephant as a wall, a tree, a snake and a spear, Brody was many different things to different people. What is the truth? You'll have to decide that for yourself."

What the reader gets is a ton of great anecdotes (together with loads of great - some rare - photos) from legends like Harley Race, Nick Bockwinkel, the Funks, Carlos Colon, the Road Warriors, Abdullah The Butcher, Kamala, Jim Duggan, Gary Hart and many, many more.

Brody and Terry Gordy get hard-core in Texas long before hard-core even existed

Through the many contradictions, Murray builds a fascinating, complex portrait of a wrestler who was, at times, a great guy and, at other times, a complete arsehole.

The introduction is by Stan Hansen and features one of the few factual errors I could find in the book (Stan states he and Brody never tagged together outside of Japan and Puerto Rico. But I have seen video footage of the two tagging in Australia in the early 80s. But that's a minor quibble).

Hansen and Brody...twin terrors

The book touches on Brody's Aussie tenure - including him beating up booker Larry O'Dea over - what else? - a money dispute.
Even more entertaining is the five pages devoted to the near-mythical 1986 "shoot" between Brody and a very young Lex Luger. It was fascinating reading various people's accounts of the cage match where Bruiser stopped selling Lex's offense (causing Luger to eventually panic and climb out of the cage to get away from Brody), then seeing the bout itself on

Reading the various contradictory accounts (and watching the video to determine the truth beneath the bullshit) sums up everything that makes Bruiser Brody an important historical document and, better still, a damn fine read.

Watch the video of this famous match at

Then head to and order a copy of this book...PRONTO!
True rasslin' fans won't regret it.

RIP Frank "Bruiser Brody" Goodish (1946-88)

DVD REVIEW: Wrestlemaniac

El Mascarado takes his wrestling VERY seriously

film buffs, rasslin’ fans and lovers of naked titties should all get a kick out of WRESTLEMANIAC, a new flick with a gritty Texas Chainsaw Massacre vibe, available on DVD from Eagle in September.

A group of amateur porn-makers head to Mexico to make their next horizontal epic, but get lost and wind up in La Sangre De Dios. The ghost town is home to the insane, homicidal luchador El Mascarado (played by Rey Misterio, the uncle to WWE superstar Rey Misterio Jnr).

Before long, the mental mat master’s killing off the good guys one by one, usually by ripping their faces off their skulls. Pretty cool, huh?

But before the blood and mayhem starts, Debbie (Margaret Scarborough) and Daisy (Catherine Wreford) go topless for some hot mock-lesbo action.

Thank goodness, El Mascarado had the commonsense to leave the face-ripping till after the clothes-ripping scene. At least he's a thoughtful maniac.

Debbie (she's the one flashin' her boobies) is about to take some special instructions from her director

Catherine Wreford - one titty is better than none

Sunday, June 03, 2007

In case, you didn't hear me the first time...

Damn you, WWE.

Damn you to hell.

I'm gonna miss you, Ariel. * SOB *