Wednesday, March 02, 2011

What Would Chris Benoit Do?, episode 9: “No cheese, no onion”


IT’S the most violent podcast so far. Do host Dann Lennard and Australia’s most dangerous man, Mark Williamson, go too far this time? YOU be the judge.

This time round, Mark tells a great Raven anecdote (eventually) after we go off track on various topics including gardening with Dan Damage, gutted wombats, Ruby Rose, Sary Jay’s retirement and buying Snowtown merchandise.

At the 16-minute mark, we reveal a shocking Adam Gambino story.

We then turn very serious and hit our major topic for the podcast. Mark talks about local wrestlers’ pay packets and their expectations when it comes to Aussie wrestling. I explain why Aussie wrestling is like country football.

And then I go off.

Yes, it’s a controversial edition of The Donkey Variety Hour, so join me, Mark and the Silent Censor for 37+ minutes of fun, truth bombs and opinionated yelling.

Running time: 37min 30sec.