Sunday, March 31, 2013

WWCBD? Ep. 27: The Top 200 Wrestlers in Australia

QUICK NOTE: If you didn’t make this list, it’s for one of four reasons:
a) You’ve left the business (which is why we haven’t included the likes of Bobby Marshall, Sean O’Shea, Mikey Broderick, Ahmed Iblis, MH Cydell and Justin Greye)
b) We forgot you (sorry)
c) You work for a group that’s so below the radar we didn’t realise you existed (sorry), OR
d) You’re really, really SHIT.
Before we get started, me and Lord Mark Williamson discuss the top 20 (and the bottom five) in this 32-minute podcast HERE. Enjoy......and let the controversy and bitching begin! :)
1. Emma (NXT) – wrestles more than anyone else, looks phenomenal. One step away from being in WWE Diva matches.

2. Mike Petersen (Warzone/MCW) – champion in two of the top promotions in Australia. Great look, great wrestler.

3. Krackerjak (Warzone/MCW/AWF/NHPW, etc etc) – great worker. Highly respected by his peers. Booked by many top promotions.

4. Mickey Nicholls (NOAH/EPW) – top worker, rising in the Jap ranks.
5. Shane Haste (NOAH/EPW) – ditto.

6. Matt Silva (MCW) – good wrester, great look. About to go to NXT. Social retard.

7. Jag (Zero-1 Adelaide) – top worker, great trainer, champion hot dog devourer.

8. Tama Williams (PWA Sydney/Newcastle Pro/NHPW/AWE) – great worker, intense, always wanting to improve.

9. Rob Matrix (UWA/IWA) – respected veteran, great worker. Still goes with the best of them.

10. Damien Slater (Zero-1) – good wrestler, becoming a great worker.

11. Tyson Gibbs (IWA/UWA) – great worker, mean look, natural heel.

12. Mark Davis (AWA Qld) – good worker. Big guy. Total dick (but we luvs ya, mate!)

13. Mimic (RCW) – lost the dreadies, gained charisma to go along with his good work.

14. J-Rock (EPW) – great worker, getting international praise.
15. Elliot Sexton (EPW/MCW) – great worker, funny guy. Master of the dick punch.

16. Iron Ben Coles (AWF) – good worker, marketing genius. You think fish fingers, you think Ben Coles!

17. Matt Bailey (PWA Sydney) – big guy, talented and versatile worker.

18. Daniel Swagger (PCW) – good worker, very popular with PCW fans.

19. Enforcer (Warzone/PCW) – underrated veteran who’s highly regarded by everyone he works with.

20. Ethan Hughz (IWA/CWA) – bribed us with a $7 bottle of rum. Would be higher if he gave us something more expensive that WASN’T rum.

21. Robbie Eagles (PWA Sydney) – would be ranked higher if he was taller.
22. Ryan Rollins (AAA Mexico/Warzone)
23. Lord Mark Williamson (Warzone) – NOTE FROM DANN: “I was not repeatedly hit in the face with an empty bottle of scotch to put Lord Mark Williamson in at this position. I make this statement of my own free will and not under any duress whatsoever...............please stop hitting me. And, now, over to His Lordship: “I am the greatest and most successful manager in Australian history. I was also able to perform a miracle in having a very entertaining match with Johnny Dee in SWA last year. BWAH-hahahahahahahahahahahaha!”
24. Ryan Eagles (PWA Sydney) – good worker, great trainer. Best beard in Australian wrestling.
25. Mick Moretti (PWA Sydney)
26. Robby Heart (Zero-1)
27. Rocky Menero (Zero-1)
28. Mason Childs (Grindhouse, Qld)
29. AJ Istria (AWA Qld)
30. Mike Burr (MCW)
31.Jay Andrews (MCW)
32. Bishop Sommers (PWA Sydney)
33. Carlo Cannon (MCW)
34. Adam Brooks (MCW)
35. Josh Shooter (MCW/PWA Sydney)
36. Jessie McKay (PWWA/SHIMMER)
37. Dowie James (MCW) – great worker...for a guy. But not as good as female wrestlers like Jessie. Sad but true, Dowie.
38. Kijimuna (Japan)
39. Chris Vice (NHPW)
40. Salem (UWA)
41. Bruce ‘Havok’ Mills (Zero-1)
42. Mad Dog McCrea (Warzone)
43. Dan Damage (IWA) – smartest dressed man in Aussie wrestling.
44. Adam Hoffman (PWA Sydney/Newcastle Pro) – like Jack Bonza, only smaller.
45. Jack Bonza (PWA Sydney/Newcastle Pro) – like Adam Hoffman, only bigger.
46. Slex (MCW)
47. Andy “Voodoo” Roy (RCW)
48. GD Grimm (RCW)
49. Blakestone (AWF)
50. Spaceboy Dacey (AWF)
51. Dean Draven (AWF)
52. Mad Turk Hussein (AWF/WrestleRock)
53. Mr Juicy (MCW/PWA Sydney)
54. TNT (AWF)
55. Samoan Warrior (PWA Sydney/NHPW)
56. Krofty (NOW)
57. Hayden Zenith (NHPW/EPW)
58. Kellie Skater (PWWA/SHIMMER)
59. Madison Eagles (PWWA) – former SHIMMER champion has bounced back from serious injury this year.
60. Marcius Pitt (EPW)
61. Kiel Steria (EPW)
62. Jade Diamond (AWA Qld)
63. Jimmy Payne (EPW)
64. Kyote (NHPW)
65. Gorgeous Garry Schmidt (EPW)
66. Bruiser Barry Schmidt (EPW)
67. Davis Storm (EPW) – EPW original still pulls on the boots occasionally.
68. Mikey Lord (CWA)
69. “Pitbull” Craig Cole (Warzone)
70. Shazza McKenzie (PWWA/SHIMMER)
71. Sean Kustom (PWA Sydney)
72. JT Jay Taylor (EPW/NHPW)
73. Danny Psycho (MCW)
74. AZ Vergara (EPW/NHPW)
75. Concrete Davidson (PWA Sydney/Newcastle Pro) – best gimmick in Oz.
76. Kellyanne English (AAA Mexico/Warzone)
77. Bee Boy (PWA Sydney) – second-best gimmick in Oz.
78. Tre (Warzone)
79. Cletus (MCW/Warzone)
80. Jack O’Lantern (MCW/Warzone)
81. Ryan O’Hare (NAW)
82. Vixsin (Warzone/PCW)
83. Alberto Bravo (Warzone)
84. Sway (Warzone/RCW/NHPW)
85. “The Maniac” Wayne Mattei (Warzone)
86. “Birdman” Phil Picasso (IWA)
87. Chris Trance (Warzone)
88. Warship (EPW)
89. Jim Raze (Warzone)
90. Savannah Summers (RCW)
91. Brian Seeker (PWA Sydney)
92. Rainbro (PWA Sydney)
93. Luke Knight (AWE/IWA)
94. Mr Exclusive (AWE/IWA)
95. JT Robinson (PWA/AWE) – A 45-year veteran of the scene. Only the best get made AWE tag team champions.
96. John E. Radic (Snakepit)
97. Greg Graham (Zero-1)
98. Joey Graham (Zero-1)
99. Adam Asixx (CWA)
100. Michelle K. Hasluck (EPW/PWWA)
101. Jaguar Kid (NOW/PWA Sydney)
102. Jak Arkham (NOW)
103. Powerhouse Theo (AWF)

104. Falco (AWF)
105. Jay Law (AWF)
106. Massive Q (AWF)
107. The Illusionist (AWF/PWA Sydney)
108. Dan Steel (NHPW)
109. KC Cassidy (PWWA)
110. Jarrad Slate (NHPW)
111. Heritor (NHPW)
112. “Wreckin Ball” Wilson (Zero-1)
113. “Dirty” Dick Donovan (Zero-1)
114. Miami (RCW)
115. Lou Lou Lockhart (RCW)
116. “The Don” Michael Morleone (NHPW)
117. Rob Barnes (Newcastle Pro)
118. Pat Graham (Zero-1)
119. Tony “The Thug” Slater (CWA)
120. Sara Jay (MCW/GWE)
121. Harley Wonderland (AWE)
122. Rhys Youngblood (NHPW)
123. Richter (EPW)
124. Jamie Jurah (EPW)
125. Gavin “Shooter” McGavin (EPW)
126. Twitch (EPW)
127. Hughsey (EPW)
128. Scotty Ryan (EPW)
129. Leo Pratt (EPW)
130. Johnny Wimbledon (EPW)
131. Sebastian Sander (EPW)
132. Alex Kingston (EPW)
133. Adam Banks (EPW)
134. Azazel (EPW)
135. Mike Massive (EPW)
136. DJ Fusion (AWF)
137. Brad Smyth (RCW)
138. Marvel (RCW)
139. Del Taurino (RCW)
140. Hammer (RCW)
141. Big Brodie Marshall (RCW)
142. Nick Armstrong (RCW)
143. Jagger Stevens (NHPW)
144. Skyfire (NHPW)
145. Matthew Pace (NHPW)
146. Silvaback Mark Santoro (NHPW) – NOT Matt Silva, apparently.
147. Dorian (NHPW)
148. Det. Magnum Holmes (AWF)
149. Gladiator Apollo (AWF)
150. Jack Tasman (AWF)
151. “Greatness” Grant Linstrom (AWF)
152. Anubis (AWF)
153. Diego Del Fuego (AWF)
154. Rachel Rose (AWF)
155. Mighty Mel (AWF)
156. Luke Hunter (UWA)
157. Fury (AWE)
158. Jackie Wyld (AWE)
159. Big Bad Nick (AWE) – because of his hot missus.
160. Alex Lee (Japan)
161. Blade Matthews (NOW) – also an MMA warrior.
162. Iron Horse Morrison (NAW)
163. Morphine (NAW)
164. Alexi Papadopoulos (NAW)
165. Barry Laurence (NAW)
166. Jarek Craven (NAW)
167. Joel Bateman (NAW)
168. Mike Manson (NAW)
169. Slikk Steve (NAW)
170. Steve Valek (NAW)
171. El Tecniko (PCW)
172. Aaron Edwards (PCW)
173. Cody Swift (PCW)
174. Gabriel Wolfe (PCW)
175. Jay Webster (PCW)
176. Mark Kage (PCW)
177. Maverick Menace (PCW)
178. Micky Jackson (PCW)
179. Mr Big (PCW)
180. Randal (CWA)
181. The Wraith (SHWA)
182. Pain (SHWA)
183. George “The Hitman” Julio (NAW) – legendary trainer who still pulls on the boots occasionally to met out justice.
184. Storm (GWE)
185. Sammy Ozerkan (PCW)
186. Ricky Diamond (Melbourne scene)
187. Siren Monroe (MCW)
188. Marko Mitra (Melbourne scene)
189.Niki Nitro (CWA)

190. Cremator (MCW) – he threatened to kill me if I didn’t put him on this list.
191. Steve Frost (MCW) – he would’ve joined in.
192. Logan (MCW) – he would probably would’ve cackled and watched.
193. Chris Trio (PCW)
194. Kabel (NHPW)
195. Big T (AWE)

196. Shanesaw (AWF)
197. Traffic (AWF)
198. Kandi Luv (CWA/GWE)

199. Maso (CWA)
200. Psykotic (AWE) 

Psykotic is all about da' money...and his expensive boots.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

WWCBD? Ep. 26: "It's all about da money!"

A SHORT, sharp shock of a podcast, in which Lord Mark Williamson and myself discuss Friday nights' AWE event at Concord RSL, Sydney. It featured a tag match pitting ex-WWE superstar Orlando Jordan and Aussie powerhouse/juggernaut/legend/icon Psykotic (aka Slammin' Sammy). Plus, more importantly, Mrs Big Bad Nick (above)!
Following our review, I chatted briefly - but sexily - with the returning Harley Wonderland (below). I promise I did not stare at her chest once during the interview (which makes me slightly less pervy than Jonesy).
It's 11min. 30sec. of stunned amazement. Download it HERE.